Idle chatter led to……


My mum was totally troubled by all the idle chatters with the aunties and grannies whenever she brought Xi En to the playground downstairs.

The well-meaning advices by these aunties led to Xi En’s first hair cut! It’s the belief that a first hair cut will aid in future thicker hair growth.

His hair is fine (I thought so in a different way) and little – thus we did not conduct the traditional first-month hair cut/shave. Of course we couldn’t have done it anyway as he was still in the hospital fighting to survive then! Who cares about hair cut seriously when there are other more acute matters on hand. Confused smile

But the time has come.

Mum was adamant on it. Kim wasn’t keen on it. I was…..neutral. Smile

And so we marched off to a neighbourhood barber today!:


barber 2

I was probably more nervous than my boy. I was worried that he might fidget; the blades might cut him.. the worries were endless..

But it turned out lots better than I had imagined! Smile

Getting ready – Barber Uncle draped on the superman cloak:

hair cut

Totally unsuspecting boy:

hair cut 2

First shave. Xi En was totally unfazed by it. Smile That’s my boy.

hair cut 3

Good Boy; sitting still:

hair cut 4

Oppsie – Half-time; he needed a distraction. Barber Uncle gave him the sweets box which worked. The container; not the sweets. Smile with tongue out

hair cut 5

Getting all ticklish at the back!

hair cut 6

Barber Uncle’s hands are so BIG! No escaping from his clutches! haaaa

hair cut 7

Finishing touches:

hair cut 8

Hey Hey Pesto! My little cool cucumber! Open-mouthed smile

hair cut 9