Disney on Ice 2016 (Magical Ice Festival)

Media Invite

In short, anyone who are Frozen fans has to be there!


“In long”, I really enjoyed this year’s Disney on Ice Present Magical Ice Festival. The show is segmented into short scenes from various crowd favourites namely –  The Little Mermaid, Tangled, Beauty & The Beast and of course, Frozen.

The summarized stories are enacted in a short musical format which will appeal to the story-lovers and yet entertaining for the action and music-goers.

Don’t miss the following highlights in each stories:

The Little Mermaid

Ariel’s acrobatic spin

Nothing to do with skating; but was a beautiful moment as Ariel twirl down the cloth rope after she exchanged her tail for legs.



Neon lights show

Watch the underwater life come alive with captivating neon lights dancing in the night!



The first appearance of life-sized animal in the show: the horse!

Totally admire the coordination of 2 persons acting/skating out the mammoth-sized animal! Not an easy feat!


Mesmerizing lanterns moment

It is one of those wow… so beautiful moments. Warm lanterns lit up, rising slowly with glowing shadow silhouettes…. Soft wows in the audience.


Beauty & The Beast

“Be Our Guest” – Cue entry of all the cute cutlery

This is for the younger ones. Eizac was getting a little restless at this point. Daily objects brought to life helped.

When the forks and knives skated in, he was pointing out to me that “the people has fork on their head!”. Observant little fellow. Smile



Magic show!

I didn’t expect this one. Don’t blink one bit of your eyes when Beast goes up to the staircase. Within a split second, he turned from Beast to Man!

This is a moment before he left Belle to the stairways:


And ta-da! He transformed into a charming young man. Reminder again: Don’t blink your eyes at the magic show! Open-mouthed smile



Snow! Falling snow!

Besides the perennial favourite Queen Elsa, the falling snow stands a close second, I think. Snow machines around the stage created a white, dreamy scene tricking you that winter came early.

And not forgetting Sven and Olaf which are just right for the snow!



Sisterly love

Will anyone believe if I say that I have not watch Frozen? I must be have been in ice age! I have heard the Frozen songs a million times; but have yet to watch Frozen from A to Z. Probably because I am a Mommy of 2 boys not girls! Smile with tongue out

Today I discovered the sisterly love between Anna and Elsa. How nice to have concise storylines. Smile And those Frozen songs are too unforgettable… we can’t possibly “Let it Go”! My boys are late starters but they were humming the tunes on the way home while their Mommy belted out loud and flat-sounding “the cold never bothered me anyway! >_<



Look out for these breath-taking highlights too:

1) Amazing skating moves

It’s not a skating show for nothing! I found this year’s show boasting of more difficult and graceful moves. The ground was slippery at some parts of the show (due to the falling snow!) and caused some falls but the performers recovered almost immediately to put up a spectacular production. They made skating looked so elegant and rhythmic!

And especially so during the couples skating moments:

Those muscles!!




2) Audience interaction at the sides

Look out for “fringe shows”. As the main show is going on at the centre of the stage, some characters can be blowing bubbles/kisses or waving on both front corners of the stage.

Gaston trying to impress the audience here:


Olaf teasing Kristoff with bubbles on the side stage:


3) Pyrotechnics

There is usage of pyrotechnics during the show but not that much that it will frighten the younger ones. All happened too fast for me to capture them and also while it lasted, I decided to enjoy it rather than trying to take a photo. Open-mouthed smile

Here are two nice photos from the organiser of the show:

Elsa 2


4) Disney all-time favourites

Don’t worry about missing some of Disney’s oldest characters – Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy! They appeared at the beginning, the interlude between each segment and the grand finale.

You just can’t have Disney on Ice without Mickey and his friends, can you?!


In my opinion, It was an extravaganza show! Not to be missed during this school holidays! Especially so for Frozen fans. Smile

My personal favourite is Beauty and the Beast! Smile Loved the songs and the pretty Belle! Kristoff in Frozen – the suave one – was a close second!

There is still time to buy the tickets online or at the box office at the Singapore Indoor Staduim.

Tickets for Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival can be purchased online via www.sportshubtix.sg.

Event details:

Dates: 11th to 20th March 2016

Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium

Ticket prices: start from S$25

To learn more about Disney on Ice presents Magical Ice Festival, please visit http://www.disneyonice-asia.com/magical-ice-festival/

Souvenirs, pop-corn and food are available for sale at the premise. Do plan to reach at least 1/2 hour ahead of the start time as the security queue can be long and allow ample time to buy some souvenirs and the tub of popcorn or Elsa/Olaf slushies cups! Open-mouthed smile


N.B: We were invited for a media review of the production. All opinions and photos remain writer’s own unless otherwise specified.

Disney On Ice Presents Magical Ice Festival

Media Invite

It’s back again! Disney on Ice!


Our first encounter with the Disney Ice skating show was during the Disney on Ice – Treasure Trove. It was just so magical to be able to see many Disney characters “live” in front of you! And this coming March school holidays, they are back again with more favourites!

Disney On Ice Presents Magical Ice Festival from 11th March to 20th March 2016. The freezing great news is that the Disney show which rocked every radio stations, every TV screens, every household (especially those with little girls!) will be featured during the Magical Ice Festival! Yes! There will be special appearances from characters of Disney’s Frozen. I can so imagine what song will be ringing in my head after the performance!


Besides the highly anticipated Elsa and friends, you can expect to see a medley of Disney movies characters from The Little Mermaid to Beauty and the Beast.

Belle and the Beast

My young boy, Xi En, has something about mermaids. He find the whole fantasy of mermaids enchanting and intriguing. But don’t ask him about it. He is too “man” to admit that he likes to read books and watch shows about mermaids. But I am sure he is looking forward to meeting all the favourite Disney characters at the rink again. ^ ^

With an extraordinary line-up of hit songs, memorable scenes and never-before-seen characters to look forward to, here are 10 magical moments behind Disney On Ice to get you all geared up for the show.

1. Disney On Ice was founded in 1981 and has since travelled to over 75 countries and 6 continents

2. The average size of the ice skating surface is 42m x 21m.

3. There are approximately 180 costumes presented at one Disney On Ice show

4. And more than 100 people work on these costumes

5. It takes 18 trucks to transport all production equipment for set-up

6. And it takes between 12-15 hours to set up one Disney On Ice show

7. But just about 4 hours to tear down the entire production

8. Over 80 different colours of paint are used on the 183 props for this production

9. The youngest performer on this year’s show is 19-years-old and the oldest is 44-years-old

10. Each performer may change up to 8 costumes in one show

And since my son loves The Little Mermaid, here are some trivia to share:

The Little Mermaid

1. How many sisters does Ariel have?

a. Answer: Six , Attina, Alana, Adella, Aquata, Arista, Andrina

2. What is the object that Ariel’s friend Scuttle calls a dinglehopper?

a. Answer: A fork

3. Who tricks Ariel into visiting Ursula to gain human legs?

a. Answer: Flotsam and Jetsam

4. Ursula gives Ariel the ability to walk on land. How long is this ability supposed to last?

a. Answer: 3 days

5. What is the name of Ariel’s best friend?

a. Answer: Flounder

Ariel and Eric

Wait no further! Do secure your tickets early to get preferred seats and time/dates.

Tickets for Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival can be purchased online via www.sportshubtix.sg.

Event details:

Dates: 11th to 20th March 2016

Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium

Ticket prices: start from S$25

To learn more about Disney on Ice presents Magical Ice Festival, please visit http://www.disneyonice-asia.com/magical-ice-festival/


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Winner for Disney on Ice

Fun Night at Disney on Ice (Treasure Trove)

Media Invite

It was our first time at Disney on Ice!

And the verdict: we were totally mesmerised! or at least I was! The performers are just fabulous! To maintain a smile while executing figure skating and look glamorous while in thick costumes and heavy shoes, I take my hats off them. The effort is definitely 100%. The producers added small personal touches such as getting some kids to sit in the teapot and have a spin around the rink (Alice in the wonderland) and having a boy light up lantern with Rapunzel and Prince.

Thanks to the good people at Disney on Ice, we had lovely front seats and caught the skating actions up close.

Would strongly recommend that you (the young at heart!) and your young ones head down to catch this show! Xi En is 5 years old this year and I think that’s about the right starting age to kind-of understand and enjoy the show. The older ones will definitely love the colourful costumes, fireworks and Mickey waving at them! Smile

My favorites of the night: Simba (The Lion King) Act and the finale!

Majestic animal costumes and the loving scene between the 2 main leads in Simba won my votes!

And the finale Act with the various Disney couples – just so fairytale! They live happily ever after! Smile

If you haven’t bought your tickets, you can still get them at: Sportshub website. There are still 1 more show later today at 730pm and 3 more shows each on Sat and Sun.

Some tips if you are going over the weekend:

1) Go early. It’s crowded at Kallang Leisure Mall. Everyone will be trying to grab a bite; so if you plan to have something to eat, do go real early. Otherwise eat before going (strongly advised).

2) On event days, the car park rates are increased! So try to  head down early to park at the slightly less expensive charged carpark at Kallang Leisure or open carpark lots nearby.

3) Bring some biscuits/snacks/drinks for the children as there is a short intermission. Or you can purchase popcorn/snacks on sale at the premise. Bring money; they are slightly pricier.

4) Some your children a few Youtube clips before going down. A good hype to create excitement and a prelude so the younger ones will have a rough idea what skating is about.

Lastly, enjoy and have fun as a family! A great family outing without burning too big a hole in the pocket! Smile