Morning with the fire engines

March holidays are here!!!

Whenever it is school holidays, I will be cracking my brains on where to bring the boys to expend their energy. The best deal will be a free-entry place and not too crowded; some educational value will be helpful.

Drum roll….if you haven’t already heard of this place as a parent, you should diarise this activity to bring your children!

Your friendly neighbourhood fire engine station

This had always been on my places-to-bring-children-list. And I am glad we made it on one sunny Sat morning!

We choose to go to Sengkang Fire Station as it is not far off from our place and gladly found out that you can park for free at the fire station premise; just don’t block the way!

I must say I am seriously impressed with this visit. The firemen on duty were real firemen and they were so patient with the little ones and inquisitive parents! They explained patiently about their work and duties and the daily running of the station.

All the stations are open to public from 9am to 11am every Saturday. You need not be a resident to visit. I saw tourists posing for photos! But you will need some form of ID for registration at the entrance.

More details on SCDF website.

These are the stations which are open:

1. Alexandra Fire Station
2. Ang Mo Kio Fire Station
3. Bishan Fire Station
4. Bukit Batok Fire Station
5. Central Fire Station
6. Changi Fire Station
7. Clementi Fire Station
8. Jurong Fire Station
9. Paya Lebar Fire Station
10. Sengkang Fire Station
11. Tuas Fire Station
12. Woodlands Fire Station
13. Yishun Fire Station
14. Tampines Fire Station

It is a systematic visit; the young firemen gave out plastic helmets freely when we entered; such greats props for taking photos ya. 🙂

Thereafter we joined a group where there were explanations on what goes into a fire engine. It is a huge warehouse-on-the-go with important equipment!

This is the part that I am really impressed with: 2 of the guys were ready with their gears to show how and what they dressed up with when they go and fight a real fire. They actually strip down and dress up again for every group. Wait, they have to pose for the children and eager parents too! 😀 Thank you firemen for your tireless efforts towards national education! 😛

And that’s not all. The favourite 2 activities of the day:

Experience with a real fireman hose with Daddy holding the fort! #FrisoMoment

Fire station 1

And….Riding on real fire engines!

We also had the opportunity to tour the office and control station. For our nation safety, many thoughts had been put in for such meticulous planning and execution.

I think I am probably more excited about this visit than the boys (all 3 of them). I learnt so much things! That Sengkang Fire station receive the most no. of calls for fire (they are the station which covers Pulau Ubin too!), the gears that the fireman uses, the response time and etc. In the midst of our visit, we also experienced a real fire call and the little red rhino that Eizac was sitting on sped off in seconds with 4 other crew members on board! How cool is that! I meant the real-life experience not the “fire” happening somewhere. 😛

A fire station visit top my list for national education, real-life learning and experiences with the entire family. Bring your family next Sat! 🙂

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