Alive Museum

One of the latest attraction in town – The Alive Museum! I had always wanted to visit one of such 3D illusionary museum after seeing it on friends’ posts to Korea. So happy that it came to Singapore!

Opened in 2009 in Korean, Alive Museum currently has 15 branches worldwide and Singapore is its’ latest exhibition stop occupying 10,000sqft at Suntec City, making it the biggest of such 3D museums here. The largest branch in Jeju Island takes up 43,000sqft! The key attraction of this museum is to offer you a sensory experience which “tricks” your visual, physical and environmental perception.

How often do you need to tell your children not to touch museum exhibits? At Alive, you won’t need to be concerned about this. One is free to touch, feel, crawl and roam! I love interactive museums and glad that there are more of such for our toddlers to “meddle with” without worries of being chased out! 😛

In any case, we were kindly invited to experience Alive Musuem by OMY Blog Club. We went on a weekday evening and happy to find a small crowd which is great as this allowed us sufficient time and space to take photos!

As this is a “photography tells it all” place, let me show you what we did through photos. 

At the entrance, Eizac trying donned angel wings (too short though!):



Just when we entered, this “audacious” act was the first the boys got themselves into:



Mer-man? Xi En had always been curious how it is possible to be a mermaid. He got the answer here:

(p.s.: there is a hidden fan in front; the adults probably can get it activated with longer hands)



An over-sized foetus:



Xi En obediently opened his mouth when we asked him to pose for this photo: Hehhehee.






Among the 80 masterpieces, there are 9 depicting the scenes of Singapore. Here is one. Kim getting a free hairwash from Merlion.

(Tip: look out for photo hints on the walls and photos marks on the floor for ideas on how to pose with the paintings)



The Queen came for a visit. One zealous fan is trying to stop the tour bus (with her bare hands):



This is not an easy one to achieve. The husband executed it almost perfectly with his well-trained core muscles. 😛



Hey Jobs, don’t worry; my little spy is hard at work. We are getting the evidence real soon! 😛



My mum is trying to practice some lotus-sitting position with “master”??>



That’s some kind of funny tasting ice-cream:



Ready for some action? Green monster power!



The husband decided he is more funny with a “dead-cockroach” pose. errmm……



Some kong-fu master showed off his “no-shadow” kick!



No end to getting punched around here huh?



Another Singapore’s iconic building. The team washing their hands with “recycled” water:



Eizac got a hang of things after awhile. He gamely held on to Daddy for his dear life as the earth cracked open beneath him:



Effortless hand-stand as Eizac joined me on the floor; errmm, wall I meant. 🙂



This angel-wannabe couldn’t take flight as the baby tugged on tight!



Navigating rapids is no easy feat with 2 squirrely boys. The younger one couldn’t move the oar and decided to desert the Daddy!



Run before you become one of them!!



The kids found a mini trampoline and had a good time bouncing off the walls. 



But you need a professional to show off some break-dance moves! (Now you know the use of the trampoline!)



Daddy to the rescue (again)!



To get the wind-in-your-hair-eyes-cannot-open look, try fighting with this computer game character.



Leg spilt is chicken-feet; even when you add 2 boys.



Besides the 3D paintings, there are also quirky, fun interactive exhibits like these:

The endless mirror “disco” room:



Another mirror-effect. Reminds me of the movie “Matrix” for some reason..



I don’t like this. Endless creepy crawlies. This reminds me of the movie “Mummy”.



Marilyn Monroe loves the kinetic energy generated by the pinwheels. Give it a gentle blow and Monroe will come Alive.


3D artwork continues:

Training an Olympian starts young they say:



The most hilarious part of this photo is my son. He was trying hard; really trying hard to save the penguins. 😀


One of my favourite drawings. It’s so cleverly drawn with great 3D effect. You actually feel that you are sitting on that chair!


Ending off with Love Boat. Once there was 2. Now there are 4. Sailing…. Sailing along. 🙂



Tips for those who are planning a visit:

  • Choose an off peak time if possible so you can have the space and time to leisurely take fun photos.
  • If you are bringing young children, pick their most cooperative time (avoid near nap times unless you have a super solid sleep-through-it-all baby)
  • Young children might be overwhelmed initially by the huge life sized paintings; take time to ease them in and it will be fun when they start joining in.
  • Bring extra pair of hands (like grandmas and grandpas!) so you can have someone take family photos and mind the kids too. 😀
  • We took a total of 1.5 to 2 hours to finish touring the place. Do note that it is a one way traffic in and out; no turning back to the entrance and once you exit; you can’t re-enter. There are no toilets in there; so do let the children visit the toilets before heading in. Don’t mistook the paintings for toilets though they look real real! 😛
  • I used a mirrorless camera with pancake lens to take most of the photos as it’s best for dim indoor lighting. But I took some with my Iphone 5S and the photos turned out decent too. For quick actions, stand by your phone camera.


Alive Museum

Location: Suntec City Mall #03-372 (Between Tower 3 and 4)

Ticket Prices: $25 (Adults), $20 (Children 3-12 years), Free for toddlers under 3

Operating Hours: 10am to 10pm Daily (Last Admission at 9pm)

For more details do visit Alive Museum website here

Do check their website for periodic promotions. There is a current one now with Burger King. More details here


Go and have some camera, light, actions FUN! 🙂


N.B: OMY and Alive Museum kindly sponsored 2 tickets; whilst we bought the rest at discounted prices. Otherwise all photos, comments and free modelling remain writer’s own.