Kaboodle Kids

We started 2016 with an amazing time at Kaboodle Kids!

A different sort of indoor playground; Kaboodle Kids is also known as an Imagination Playground. Here you get nearly 500 big blue blocks to roll, build, carry and even sit on!

Located at Block B, Level 2, East Coast Parkway (Big Splash), it boast of a sizeable play area for kids’ imagination to run wild. No pre-built slides or playgrounds here; instead our little ones are free to build their own play structures. Everything is only limited by your imagination. No worries if you are concerned about where and how to start. Here, the staff (play crew) is adept in engaging children in free play with the blocks. There are also helpful guide books if you are more adventurous to create bigger structures.

Kaboodle Kids encourages learning through playing, social development, motor skills and of course good old fun! Accordingly to the founder and director Tan Mui Jin: “Kaboodle Kids is different and unique from other traditional playgrounds in that we are Singapore’s first indoor playgrounds of its kind to use Imagination Playground exclusively”.

Granted you might see similar small quantities of such blocks in other indoor playgrounds, but Kaboodle Kids allows exclusive space to be creative which might otherwise be limited elsewhere.

Initially I was concerned if these were sufficient to keep my 2 energizer bunnies occupied and interested. My worries were unfounded. Both boys asked to stay for the maximum time we were invited for and requested to return for more!

With children of fellow bloggers, they turned the whole place upside down! Fortunately, they won’t be reprimanded for making a mess. Instead, they are encouraged to develop their cognitive skills as they go about playing.

Rest assured, The staff here clean up the whole place every night and re-assemble impressive structures to welcome enthusiastic young ones everyday.

After we paused for a quick lunch, the play crew got the whole place back to looking great again!:

Talking about lunch, there is a Party Room which can be rented in conjunction with celebrations. We were kindly treated to a different sort of party fare catered from Pondok Gurame – which is located within the vicinity. Yummylicious Indonesia food goes down very well with the adults (especially those who love spices – ME!). Special non-spicy portions for the children can be requested too. You can choose to bring in your own caterer or opt to carter from the various food establishments (e.g. Sakae Sushi) which Kaboodle Kids collaborate with.

After lunch, the young troop seemed to regain more energy and could go on for hours if we didn’t put a stop to it. 😀

If you didn’t have enough fun, there are also these cutesy little and mini blue blocks which you can purchase and continue the fun at home albeit in a smaller scale!

And here’s a chance to experience this place for yourself and your little ones! Kaboodle Kids is kindly sponsoring 10 COMPLIMENTARY ENTRIES for our readers!

Each entry will admit 1 child (3 years old and above) and 2 adults to unlimited play on weekdays OR 2 hours playtime on weekends and public holidays.

Here’s here to be one of the 10 winners:

1) Visit Evespiration at our Facebook Page. Likes are appreciated (so you can get latest updates on the page!) but not required.

2) Visit Kaboodle Kids at their Facebook Page. Likes are appreciated but not required.

3) Give a like on this Facebook post and comment with the answer to this question: where is Kaboodle Kids located? Full address not required; just the general location. 🙂

This is a time sensitive giveaway! First 10 correct comments received will be granted the entries. Once again, please remember to leave your email address or email it to me at evespiration@gmail.com so we can contact you accordingly. Complimentary entries will be valid till  31st March 2016 so you have plenty of time to use them.

P.S: Kaboodle Kids is open on 8th and 9th Feb 2016 (Chinese New Year public holidays!) You have a place to go if you need a break from the CNY feasting/visiting.

N.B: We were invited for a play-visit at Kaboodle Kids. No further compensation were received. All opinions and photos and loads of fun are ours. 🙂

Fun at Giggles

If you are a parent of a young child in Singapore, it is likely that you won’t be unfamiliar with indoor playgrounds. With the current hot weather and erratic afternoon showers, a safe haven will be an indoor playground!

We do enjoy going to indoor playgrounds from time to time as fun is contained within a sheltered environment (weather-proof!). These are also ideal places for Mummies’ catch ups!

We visited Giggles once last year and to be really honest, we weren’t too impressed as then, the space was sparse. However, a few weeks ago, we were kindly invited to play at Giggles and check out their newly opened Water Wonderland. This round, I was very impressed with the changes especially the new Water Wonderland!

Weini, the new sole owner, revamped the place and put in many personal touches to make the entire playground more inviting and introduced purposeful fun.

It is a shame that Giggles is not allowed to put up more prominent signage to show their location. They are actually located in the heart of Marine Parade Central; just above ANZ/Maybank (and diagonally across Macdonald’s).

Sharing some key improvements which we liked:

1) Sensory, handmade toys corner

These caught my attention. It looked handmade/D-I-Y. And they are! Weini and her staff put all these together so as to create an area for development of fine motor skills and sensorial play for the younger ones.

2) Many ride-on cars and scooters

You know the drill; all children like to have a ride. And they do end up fighting sometimes just for a vehicle! Here, there are no lack of transportation modes – P.E.A.C.E.

3) A new dress-up corner

The boys had so much fun with the costumes which they normally don’t! And why? Because they provide shoes/legs here!

Check out the wacky looks they created:

4) Small, well contained play environment

Personally, I prefer to be able to see my boys within an eye glance. There is a main activity tower with slides, boardwalks and a ball pit. The rest of the sensorial stuff, cars, pretend play, SNUG (blocks/magnetic pieces) play and SONA (interactive playground system) surround the big structure. That made it really easy for parents to watch their children as everything is within eye/ear shots. 🙂 For paranoid mummies like me, this is perfect!

There is also a cordoned zone for birthday parties. It is located just next to the main indoor playground; making it really easy for kids to run in and out to play and for parents’ watchful eyes.

5) Cozy corner

This is the corner with some stools and tables where parents can relax, read a book, chat and children can do some drawings and have a light snack. You are free to bring in your own food too. It is so convenient that there are many food options just downstairs. MacDonald’s for starters. 😛

There is a small changing table corner right at the end of the play area if you need to change diapers or nurse your baby. But note that it is just a draw-curtain and not doors. Toilets are located in the next unit but there aren’t any diaper changing facilities in there. So this little change area will come in handy.

6) The new Water Wonderland

Most indoor playgrounds do not have a water play area for obvious reasons that it can be messy and W.E.T. I am glad that Giggles decided to roll this room out. It’s an enclosed room with water play set ups, a water pool and a DIY rope structure shaped like a ship. They provide waterproof jackets or feel free to bring wet gears. Note that baby swim diapers are required if your child is not toilet trained yet. My boys enjoyed this room a lot and the only grouse is the cold water due to an air-conditioned room. The staff explained that they are exploring options to counter this; for e.g. by filling up with hot water periodically. Otherwise, water play is always a fun addition.

7) Singapore First Snoezelen Room – Multi Sensory Room

Frankly, I had to google “Snoezelen” as I never encounter this word before. Wiki said: “Snoezelen or controlled multisensory environment (MSE) is a therapy for people with autism and other developmental disabilities, dementia or brain injury. It consists of placing the person in a soothing and stimulating environment, called the “Snoezelen room”.”

Weini shared that she wants to cater to the special needs children so that they can have a safe environment to play and learn in. They won’t need to feel out-of-place in a regular playground. I thought it’s encouraging that operators have an inclusive mindset in their businesses. This special carpeted room has soft lighting, calming aroma, a projector TV with educational videos (sea creatures video was on when we were there), a variety of sensory toys mounted on the wall and more for objective and purposeful play.  We understood that this room is also available for special booking sessions for educators and parents of special needs children upon request. The entry price for Giggles do include entry to this room if it is not booked for the day.

8) Gym room

I called this a gym room as it’s fully cushioned with exercise mats, blocks and several overhanging gym bands/swings. A room for the active children indeed!

Conclusion: I really like the revamped Giggles’s ground. With a better utilization of space, they managed to include more rooms/zones and activity corners for fun to be extended to all groups of children including special needs. This is commendable in my opinion. The boys had a whole morning of fun and we were rewarded with a long afternoon nap. In unison, we knew we will be back soon. 🙂

Details of their admission rates as below. Less than 1 year old babies enter for FREE with an accompanying adult paying just $3! For discounted rates, do consider taking up their lifetime membership.

Venue: 87 Marine Parade Central #02-500C Singapore 440087

Open daily from 10am to 7pm (Indoor Playground)/ 6pm (Water Wonderland)

Website: http://www.funatgiggles.com.sg/ 

Images below are taken from Giggles website.

Special promotion for all readers

Giggles has kindly extended this promotion to all blog readers – Simply email them at info@funatgiggles.com.sg and quote “Evespiration” to enjoy discounted lifetime membership fee of $50 (usual price $60) and 10% discount off party packages.

If you are new to Giggles and will like to experience it before signing up the lifetime membership, you can enjoy a 10% discount off single admission rates by quoting this blog post too. Drop them an email at info@funatgiggles.com.sg and quote this blogpost to enjoy the discount.

For the June holidays, there are several exciting programmes lined up. Check out the banners below or click on their website for more details.

Have Fun@Giggles! 🙂

Vaby–New kid on the block

Va? what? I thought it was somewhat linked to “Barbie” for a moment. Smile with tongue out

It’s Va-by – a new local start-up with a unique selling point in the baby/mummy arena. Vaby was coined out from “Victory” and “Baby”; so I found out after attending the preview launch event at The Playhouse few weeks back.

The first-in-Singapore key proposition that Vaby wants to promote is their Vaby (Surprise) Box. This is a tastefully designed cutesy box with sample-sized items and discount vouchers which will be useful for a “sampling” of products before committing to a full-sized purchase. Their first launch of Vaby box will cater to mums-to-be, new mums and babies for now. The toddlers box will be introduced subsequently. For starters, examples of merchandise which could be included are baby clothing, accessories, diapers, wipes, skincare products, organic food items and many more!

Still not sure what’s the big deal? Think Bellabox and Sample Store. These are fine examples of how sample-sizes “boxes” led the beauty and lifestyle market. Now Vaby is here for the mummies and babes! We sincerely hope that they become successful in Singapore and beyond. We support local start-ups! Smile

There was lotsa of excitement at The Playhouse as mummy bloggers pored over the whole idea and our kiddos ran wild at the play areas. If you haven’t been to the revamped Playhouse (previously known as The Seb Bistro), you should really go by and take a look. There are proper outdoor and indoor (air-conditioned) play areas now and these will easily be a few hours of play time for the young ones. Parents can dine next to the play zones while you keep a look-out at the kiddos.


Here’s a chance to be invited to Vaby’s official launch this coming Sat (28th June 2014) 2-4pm at The Playhouse!

Simply sign up as Vaby’s member on their website at this link and await to see if you will be the lucky ones to be invited and all attendees will receive a Vaby box as a door gift too!

Hope to see you there! Smile

Do watch this space for more updates on upcoming Vaby giveaways!

Official Launch 2


N.B: We were cordially invited to attend the Vaby preview launch at The Playhouse. Treated to a nice brunch and Xi En had a great time! We went home with Vaby boxes of good quality korean clothing (for Baby Eizac too!) and the team kindly provided transport allowance too. Otherwise all other opinions remain writer’s own.

P.S:  One big unwelcome “gift” received was a huge insect bite on the eye lid due to the carelessness of the Mummy who forgotten to spray on mosquito repellent for Xi En. So gentle reminder to put on (liberally) mosquito repellent for yourself and young ones if you are heading there any time. With a backdrop of fauna and flora, it attracts uninvited guests too!