Follow ups and more

Recently we went back to KKH for Xi En’s corrected 12th month follow up check ups. Ever since he was born, he had been heading back for follow ups as KKH’s policy for very-low-birth-weight babies are as such.


The dietician found him to be eating just nice for his age group. Though his veracious appetite had gone down, he is still eating sufficient according to his weight gain. I have been suspecting that he didn’t want to finish as much as before due to a bout of stomach flu few weeks back. Dietician suggested to put him on slightly higher energy level milk powder such as Pediasure and surprising Wyeth – S26 Step 3! I never knew that S26 is a higher energy level milk powder! We put Xi En on that anyway as it is a lot cheaper! haa…



At the paediatrician, we almost took the MMR and chicken pox vaccination. But upon feedback from our friends, we decided to hold it till he is 18 months. Doc is fine with that as long as he is not mixing around too much with other kids.

He had a round at the rehabilitation as well. The physiotherapist tested his motor skills and concluded that he is on track. Nothing major to be worried about (yeah!). She gave us a set of notes to work on the skills that he haven’t quite mastered which I found to be quite useful. Though the notes are meant for child with traumatic brain injury or cerebral palsy, I found them to be rather useful materials for a regular growing boy.


Here are some of them:








Xi En is doing well in most of the activities; especially the tearing of paper (much to the frustration of his grandmother who picks after him!) and turning pages of a book.


We are happy with his progress thus far! On track to catch up with his peers by 24 months! 🙂


reading a book

Xi En reading his favourite library book – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 🙂