I love muffins –the buttery; soft and chockfull of ingredients type.

First attempt in muffin-making this morning. I followed this recipe from Noob Cook and made 2 different flavoured muffins – blueberry and walnuts.

I always prefer to look for locally based recipes as it’s easier to round-up the ingredients. Smile

The result?

Nowhere near what Noob Cook’s photos! Mine turned out a little too dry and charred on the surface. Mum said that she liked it as she likes a little crispy/charred muffins. I think she is trying to make me feel better. haaa…

Xi En is my other loyal fan.

Eyeing the first batch of blueberry muffins:


LOOK: Giving the walnut muffin an overview first:

muffins 4

SMELL: the nose can’t lie

muffins 5

EAT: went for the bite!

muffins 6

Nice, baby? He finished it – so I supposed it’s alright! haaa Open-mouthed smile

muffins 8

Blueberry and Walnut Muffins:

muffins 7