Sandy Beaches (at home)

No kidding.

We had some gloomy and overcast days in Dec and Jan. But we managed to enjoy some sandy beaches right at the comfort of home!

Thanks to the kind people at Pupsik Studio who delivered a big 5kg box of Kinetic Sand and my boys had so much fun with it!

Just like an eager beaver, Xi En attacked the new toy with much anticipation.  He’s probably puzzled why Mummy allowed sand play in the house!

I took out a small foldable table, laid plastic sheets and gathered some dough play moulds, plastic knife, sand buckets and we were ready for some sandy beaches!

After the initial hesitation, Xi En took to Kinetic Sand just like any normal sand. There is no smell, no dirt and best of all – no dampness as there is no fluid within – i.e. no chance for bacteria to thrive. Personally, I am not a fan of sand sticking to my hand. I meant it can be fun at the beaches, but it’s a lot of hassle washing up thereafter. And I am definitely not keen to have sandy feet in my bedroom. When I first saw Kinetic Sand on Youtube, I was seriously fascinated at such igneous invention. Designed for indoor play, the motion properties caught my attention. I was not only keen for my boys to try it out; I was intrigued myself.

And so we put the sand to test. 5 key things we liked about Kinetic Sand:

1) It is mouldable. Made up of 98% pure sand and a non-toxic polymer; it behaves like sand.

2) It sticks to itself and nothing else. Made cleaning up easier. Well, stray strands of hair and runaway speck of dirt do get trapped in our box of sand after playtime, but they are easily spotted and removed as they do not stick to the sand.

When we trial-play-test the sand on the first day; we found that it scatters easily on the floor and created a little more mess than we thought it would. After consulting the smarter husband, he suggested that we try playing with the sand in an air-conditioned room so that the humidity level will fall below 60% – the condition which Kinetic Sand performs best. In a humid country like Singapore, the faster way to lower humidity level is to turn on the air-conditioner. And so that’s exactly what we did! We found a lazy afternoon, went into the study room and switched on the air-conditioner for another round of sandy play.  This time round, we laid groundsheet and play on the floor which is much easier and within a “controlled” arena. And it worked wonders! The sand is more pliable and you get less strayed-away grains of sand.

3) It is therapeutic.  No instructions required. It is free play all the way. Sensory awareness, fine motor skills and creativity aside; I actually enjoyed its’ therapeutic effect. The sand is really fluid as it claimed. It moves almost like water but in a solid form. Running it through your hand felt like touching a liquid sand – if there is such a thing.

The part that Xi En (and I) enjoyed most:

Moulding and slicing them up! Somehow, It is therapeutic this way. Repeating it over and over again just to admire the precision of the motion of the sand.

Lovely and captivating.

kinetic sand 1

4) Endless creativity. It is a free play art requiring no instructions. Sand play is commonly used in pre-schools for stimulation and development of children’s motor skills, creativity and sensory aspects. You can never be too young (or too old) for creativity. We kneaded, mould, sliced, left footprints and practiced writing. Smile The most important part –we had a good 2.5 hours of fun together! That’s a good whole afternoon well spent and I am spared of “Mummy, I am bored. What should we do?” (familiar with pre-schoolers isn’t it)

5) Safe (even for younger crowd) Though Kinetic Sand is suitable for age 3+ years old and above, young Eizac decided he didn’t want to be left out after he woke up from his nap. We let him join in with some supervision. It is assuring enough to know that it is non-toxic and even wheat, gluten and casein free. But of course, we watched him close enough not to treat sand as food. :0)

By now, you might be thinking I had a really sandy and messy room. The verdict is that the room stayed relatively clean – all thanks to the lower humidity created by the air-conditioner! We cleaned up the room in no time as the sand stick to itself (similar to dough-play dough). We swept away the loose ones and mopped up the room. (I still like a squeaky clean floor.) Smile But otherwise, the clean up is much easier this round.

If you would like to try out this cool sand, more details on Pupsik Studio website where you can order them online. They ship to Burnei, Malaysia and Hong Kong too. Prices start from S$29.90 for the 1kg box.


Good news! Thanks to Pupsik Studio, we have a 1kg Kinetic Sand to give away to a reader of this blog. If you are keen to have your kids try out this amazing sand, some simple steps to qualify for this giveaway.

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One winner will be randomly drawn and announced on Evespiration’s Facebook Page. So do look out for updates on FB. Smile 

Last day of entry will be 19th Jan 2014; 2359hrs.

Apologies that this giveaway is only open to those with a local mailing address. Pupsik Studio will be delivering the prize to the winner.

All the best! Smile

Disclaimer: We received a 5kg Kinetic Sand as part of this review. No other monetary compensation had been received. All photos and opinions remained writer’s own.

Update 22nd Jan 2014: Qualified entries are randomly picked and updated on Evespiration’s Facebook Page. Do check out the page to see if you are the winner. 🙂