My first experience ….. staying in a hospital


Except the time I was born, I had never been admitted into a hospital. I thought maybe my first experience will be the time I give birth to bb. HOWEVER, this hospital-stay experience came earlier than expected…


I was admitted into Thomson Medical Centre on Wed!


It was one ordeal I never asked for. Updated in my previous entries – I had been experiencing bleeding for 1+ week.  After 3 visits to the gyn and 2 injections; there still aren’t much improvements to my conditions. Tues night became the last straw for me. Cramps and backache and fountain of blood – enough to scare me to ring for help. Gyn already said if there is a next “relapse” – I won’t have a choice but to admit myself into the hospital. I woke up knowing the choice is no longer mine. Called gyn and told her the situation; packed my bags and went straight to the hospital with mum and hubby in tow.


Gyn brought forward the 20th week detailed scan and shortly after she found out the reasons for my discomfort. It is likely to be placental abruption. This is a serious complication during pregnancy where the placenta is detached prematurely from the uterus wall. For more info and illustrations – read here 

The weird thing is that I don’t belong to any of the “risk categories” nor did I had a major impact on my womb. Gyn is also concerned that this condition shouldn’t happened so early in a pregnancy if any at all. Why did it happened to me then?? I asked that question umpteen times too. I didn’t quite have an answer to that. But at least now we know the cause of bleeding and cramps. I was immediately put on dosages of blood-clotting medicine and womb-calming injection. I was classified a C.R.I.B – Compulsory Rest In Bed – as well.



Compulsory Rest In Bed - CRIB


 To me – it was a rather interesting hospital stay. Let’s not talk about all the discomfort and etc. I must say that TMC really impressed me in terms of their staff, facilities and most importantly – FOOD! We asked for a 4 bedded room (I didn’t want to spend too much); but we got a free upgrade to a 2 bedded room instead! The nurses were really “Thomson angels” – as the name nicely suggested. Most of them attending to me are older, auntie-looking nurses. But they really do their job well! Throughout my stay, b’cos I am a CRIB – they kept saying (nicely) – “don’t move; just press the attention bell if you need anything”. They reminded me time and time again not to move an inch. Must say that they make an otherwise unpleasant incident much easier.


Ok – now to my fav section – FOOD! Thank God, I still have an appetite. 🙂 Probably the only thing I look forward to are meal times. They served us 6 meals daily!

haa.. no wonder gyn told me that from the scan, bb is quite chubby! His stomach and weight is slightly above average at this stage! I thought – never mind – I am too troubled to be concerned about dieting in the hospital. Anyway, hospital food is supposed to be healthy right? hee.. that gave me the excuse to eat, eat and eat…..












1) Breakfast – roti prata , banana and milo                          

2) The famous boiled soup (supposed to promote lactation) and milo

3) Lunch – stewed lamb, bread & butter, corn soup, salad and mango dessert

4) Dinner – Chinese menu (veg, stewed chicken, double-boiled soup and fruit)

5) Night snack – slice of fruit cake and milo

6) I forgotten to take a pic of tea time – slice of tuna bread and milo


So.. I was really well-fed! haha.. Never imagined hospital food to be quite yummy! I had mee siam for breakfast the other day too! Thought these hawker-like food aren’t supposed to be healthy?? But then, since they are “hospital-food” – should be fine right? So the above are my “comfort food” throughout my 3 days, 2 nights stay at TMC.


Of course, I had my loving Kim and forever-sacrificial mum for company in the day time. 🙂 Can’t ask for more. 🙂

But it is good to be home now – especially away from a snore-louder-than-anyone-I-know neighbour and away from confinement as a CRIB. 🙂

Gyn continued to advised RIB – Rest In Bed – but at least I have the comfort of my own bed and internet access! haha…

Continue to pray that bb stays healthy and grows towards full term. 🙂

Pregnant with/without a seat

Just started my first week at work after a long 1+ month of sabbatical leave. It is amazing how I managed to get through it! (Indeed God’s strength is more than sufficient!).  Considering that I was already used to afternoon naps, no-restriction internet access (my office blocks almost everything!), chinese drama serials, msn chats with friends, logging onto facebook 5X a day to check out for updates and many many many more luxuries enjoyed during my “off” days!!!!

But then, I psych myself last Sun to prepare for Mon. It started slow and easy for a while before the usual stress of targets and expectations “mountained” in ( tiring topic, let’s leave it for other posts). 

Not only that – I realised getting to work on a busy public transport for a 3+ 4 months pregnant women is not easy! Why?? ‘cos first of all you can’t even get to the center of the train (most of the time I was standing at the fringe of the door) and secondly, no one can really tell you are “really pregnant” yet! haahaa..  from the size of my tummy, most will probably dismiss me as a greedy woman who overate! 😀

My solution to this? If I ever get in front of the seats, I will start “stroking” my tummy to show that I am pregnant not bloated!! It is rather interesting to see people’s reactions to that:

1) Some will get the “hint” or confirmation that I am pregnant and readily offered their seat (so far only 2 persons did it for me – but thank you!)

2) Some will close and open, close and open their eyes; either pretending not to see me or really having a sleepy moment (so far most people did this)

3) Some will continue to chit chat amongst themselves; oblivious to their surroundings. (so far 2 persons did that!)

There were days that I really “looked pregnant” as most of my colleagues will comment (depending on my dressing for that day). And I was really a little frustrated/amused that people still can’t get the “hint” to offer their seats in a crowded train. Those days that I looked “less pregnant” , I will normally forgave those who ignored me whether intentionally or not. 

I believed I am not the first preggy to feel the lack of social consciousness towards “needy” people like us, aged and young. But to feel it in your face, hmm… guessed the impact became stronger. It isn’t that we are “desperate” for a seat, for when someone does this kind act for you – I can’t help but feel “loved”. 🙂 

But then, maybe I need to be this big to warrant a seat in a crowded train. Ain’t sure, update more when the “bigger tummy” days arrive. 🙂 


Week 15 (tummy or bb growing?)

ok.. quick post here.. a little tired to write too much. Just started work this Monday; exhausted and felt that I am not getting enough rest! (Of course, b’cos I am not taking afternoon naps anymore!!)

Wanted to write something about week 15 before it flies pass! 

Not sure if my tummy is growing b’cos BB is growing or I am just having my appetite back. Eating habits resume to pre-1st trimester now; thus gaining weight and I think fats? 

Anyhow, here is a pic of my tummy about 15+ weeks. Most tell me I look preggy now! I told them – I think this is 50% fats and 50% BB. haa..

P.S: change skin of blog to black to make pics look brighter and changed the pregnancy’s ticker on the right. Love the bright colors and the cheeky captions! 🙂


Tummy size at week 15

Tummy size at week 15